Summer’s Final Alfresco

I’m at it again! Another dinner party!   Summer is about to end and I can’t let it get away without another outdoor alfresco  get-together. Our summers end quickly in the Northeast so we try to take advantage of the outdoors for the few short months. It’s warm enough to appreciate dining outside on the deck.  This time I decided on my outdoor theme color as orange, since I think orange is a vibrant lively color and makes conversations lively. For my dinner party of six I had enough stock of various ‘orange’ wares to adorn the table using this color.   I rummage through all my table linens and dishes to find many items to fit my theme. This is what worked together.

Orange is a happy color!
Orange is a happy color!

While the sun was still shining, as I set the table the glint from the reflection made me smile.


Since this was outdoors on a large deck at early evening I found simple flower napkins rings in my stock that matched the plates…might as well use them since summer is all about the flowers. Most of the things I purchased @pieroneimports. These things were purchased over the last few years time so if your looking to replicate it may be hard to find. The distressed Melamine plates lent a casual tone along with the woven strewn table runner similar to dishcloth stripes helped lend a softer look to the setting tonight.


Lounging space for the Cocktail Hour
Lounging space for the Cocktail Hour

I set the bluetooth to a jazz channel for the cocktail hour.   I made things easy on myself for this part of the dinner so for an easy appetizer I simply heated/cooked frozen white spinach pizza and then cut it into thin strips. Wahla! As easy app!


Since I had to cook and entertain I had no choice but to leave my guests while I went to the kitchen to whip up some lemon garlic scampi. I made two batches with a choice of chicken or shrimp. The rolls were fresh too and luckily my guests were not left alone for long, as the dinner prep was quick.



Dinner with 6 makes for enough conversation if the host is busy cooking, the conversations can  still flow in your absence.


I will post more dinners or parties in the coming months, even though we may move inside for the next ones I always find an excuse to host another event for a pleasant evening.


Last dinner outdoors this summer
Last dinner outdoors this summer!

Stayed tuned for more party tips!

Victoria’s Inspiring Designs

Dare to Dream!

 IMG_2043       Dreamed of being a designer all my life. 

I am creative and inspired by all things beautiful.  My hope is through this website to photograph, create and display things I see as delightful with my own eyes.  I will blog about travels and home designs,…to inspire YOU to take the leap to be daring and bold and creative.  So you can see the world and your home and all its beauty!

HE made everything beautiful in his time   Eccl 3:11a