Mad For Plaid Winter Shades-How to make a lampshade cover

Winter is coming and I decided that my lampshades need a winter blanket just like my bed.  The store bought lamp shades are rather expensive so I decided to make covers for my lampshades for less money.  In this post, I’ll share with you how to make lamp shade covers.

how to make lampshade covers
DIY- Make your own lampshade covers

I have been mad for plaid these past few years.  So I decided on plaid shade covers.  They match my winter bedroom theme and my overall Christmas winter theme too. I chose a very thin almost sheer fabric with the colors of plaid I wanted. You can choose what you might like for colors but a thin lightweight fabric works best.

I measured the circumference of the lamp shade and added only an inch and half to 2 inches extra to the number.  Then I measured the length of the shade and added just two inches to that measurement.  After the cutting the fabric to these sizes I sew the ends together of the circumference , then serge the edges of the length.  Now turn under the edges of the length to form a seam allowance just enough to be able to thread a thin elastic band through this.  Using 1/4 inch wide elastic,  the length should measure an inch less  than the number of the lampshade circumference.  It does not need to be too tight. After you have threaded the elastic band through the seam and stitched the ends to hold in place, you can simply pull the shade cover over the lamp.  The elastic seam should be under and over the edge of the shade to hold it tight.

Dress up a dining room lampshade for Christmas.

The sky is the limit to how many covers you want. Lampshades are sold in such boring colors, white, cream, burlap.  So get busy and create some interesting eye catching covers to match your decor.  Let’s not depend on the manufacturers to decide what our lamps should look like.  Make your lamps stand out and let the light shine through your choice of color.


“For her lamp does not go out by night.  She lays her hands to the spindle, ” Proverbs 31: 18-19

Warm up your bedroom with some red plaid.









Fresh Hot Plate!

gold polka dot plates

Sneak Peek at this months table setting.        Can you guess what the theme might be?

I started with these plain white plates.  Everyone suggested I head right to the dollar store, but I found these inexpensive white ceramic dessert  plates

white dessert plates plain
Plain white dessert plates ready for stylin’

at Walmart for only 88 cents…less than the dollar store.  The ceramic plates were perfect for my craft project for this table.  To create this effect, I found Martha Stewart gold nontoxic paint at Michael’s.  It was  important that the paint be nontoxic.  I intend for the guests to be able to actually use the plates to eat from.  Among my craft supplies I found the perfect foam dot paint tool to create a dotted plate.  I simply sponged the dots with the paint and and let them dry for over a week.

Gold Dot
Dot by Dot painting

 Next I placed the painted plates in a cold oven and turned the oven on and let the oven heat up to 350 degree temperature to allow the paint to “bake” on the plates for 30 minutes…  Feeling Hot, hot, hot…  After the 30 minute timer,  I shut the oven off,  opened the door  and let the plates cool.  When the plates were cooled, I removed the plates and placed them to finish drying.  The result is  six gold dotted dessert plates,  nontoxic of course!

gold polka dot plates
Ready and dry !