Mother’s Day -2016 – Kate Spade Inspired Table Setting

Kate Spade Table setting likeness

It’s here!…Mother’s Day 2016 Inspired Design table!

Kate Spade Table setting likeness
Kate Spade table setting

This special table setting is a nod to Kate Spade, in case you had not already guessed by the earlier posts, Creatively made, using a bit of sewing, painting and style.  Bright Pink color with black and white stripes and of course Kate’s signature bow.  Remember the handmade gold dotted plates? Here they sit in the middle of a basic white corelle plate, encircled by additional elements to set the designer mood.

The signature pink bow was made with a bright pink napkin pinched by a gold band ring. If you remember the table runners made with a black and white striped fabric were sewed on the last post.  Here these runners are across the table instead of set down the center.  The quick made chair covers on the six chairs bring the table alive with color. Set with some wine glasses for style and designed all for MOM.

Inspired setting black white polka dots and pink bow
Inspired setting black white polka dots and pink bow

It’s the one time a year we honor our Mother’s with a special Day.

Alternating the elements for this style was easy.  This time I changed the plates  and added a coffee cup all atop a fresh white placemat.

Kate Spade brunch table setting
Brunch setting





If you just wanted to serve Mom special desserts.  You can start with the simple plate and change the napkin ring to a flower.  Simplify the style and place the spoon at the head of the head of the plate which is the placement for dessert spoons.  I added a tall polka dot drinking glass to keep with the Kate Spade designer theme.

Kate Spade simple dessert place setting
Kate Spade simple dessert place setting

Try your hand a shaping a table setting to capture the look and feel of a designer.  Just a few quick changes and you could change the whole atmosphere for a special day. Lunch, brunch or dinner! Make your guests feel special by stepping up your game at the table!

Kate Spade another take
Another take on the place setting




This one song  reminds me of being a Mom and having a Mom,  sung by the late Whitney Houston “I will always Love You“.

Happy Mother’s Day !!!

Ephesians 6:1-3  “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”

Mother’s Day Table Setting 2016 – part3 – elements

Mother’s Day!!…. is Coming Soon!

Having Mom over for dinner or lunch ? Try creating a distinct table setting for her that will make her feel special!. This month I have been working towards that end.   Just a bit more sewing in preparation for this LUX  designer table setting.  I chose a black and white striped decorator fabric, Decorative Fabrics Direct was a good find, they carry a wide variety of fabric you may want online here .  A few quick stitches on a machine and you too, can create a table runner.

mothers day table runner
Yikes stripes!

In early May I will share the final project and give you some tips on how to create you own unique table setting.  Create this upscale look with a few simple elements  you might have around your house.  Then you too can make Mom feel special!

black and shite strip
Yikes black and white stripes!

So gather up some tableware to create a special setting

Here’s my list:

  1. table cover
  2. napkins
  3. dishes
  4. flatware

You can click the item links above to find where to purchase some of the inexpensive Fundamentals. On the next post I will reveal my final LUX  table setting and show YOU how to alter these elements to make your Mother’s Day table special.





Easter is Hopping!

You might have all your ducks in a row…but I have all my bunnies in row.

Napkins Multiply like Rabbits
Napkins Multiply like Rabbits


These colorful little bunny napkins will be filled with flatware for an Easter brunch.  The napkins needed to multiply like rabbits, so there’s enough for everyone.  This year I have decided to release my standard of traditional  seating and hop into a new plan.  Buffet style which I titled on my Pinterest page  “Buffet ole’ ” style.  These nibbling little creatures each have a carrot  purchased from Michaels, to which I added some wire to keep the lil’ cottontails wrapped together.

Spring season brings back the color into our lives.  I’m hoping My ombre cake will be a hit!…I created 6 layers each one more intense pink color .  This is simply a white boxed cake mix, I recommend using 3/4 cup batter for each of the 6 layers and adding one drop more food coloring to each 3/4 cup batter.  Bake,  then stack them with frosting in between. The topping you see is green colored coconut. Simply add a green drop of food coloring into a sandwich bag with the coconut, mix around til the coconut turns green. Place it on top of the cake with a few candied eggs.

Pretty in pink Ombre cake
Pretty in pink Ombre cake

Check back and will update with a photo of the cut layers of cake.

6 layer Easter cake
6 layer Easter cake

Christmas 2015 A Season of Woodland

I can’t help but feel inspired when I visit the shops that carry tableware and home goods.  Everywhere I look I see natural tree limbs, birch or pine and toned down colors for the Christmas table.  No glitz and shine  and baubles but trending is,  a simple serene setting that takes you back to Grandma’s house when you were a child.

I must be on a kick for folded napkins, because this year I seem to be folding for every holiday.  The Christmas tree fold is the focal point of each plate setting and I followed the  instructions using green napkins that I had on hand. IMG_2764 I carefully ironed each napkin so the folds would be straight.  Note to friends: be sure to use only napkins made with cotton fiber content, polyester napkins or nylon napkins will not hold a shape.

The plaid tablecloth was an after Christmas purchase from last year that I bought on sale, since I saw the plaid trending and I love a sale!  The same Ubiquitous white plates were used again. The square form allows you fully appreciate the tree shape and texture of the napkin.  Above the napkin tree form I found an adorable little pine cone tealight at Homegoods to use for the topper.  Green pine bough with tiny lights and a birch candle center the table for a warm Christmas dinner 2015.


Christmas table 2014
Christmas table 2014

Last year I had noticed this trend coming and searched very hard to replicate a sense of woodland setting.  I used red quilted placemats with black chargers under white plates.  For the napkins I used a natural beige tone one I found with a tiny Christmas emblem on it.  The napkin ring I created myself using a wooden curtain ring and tied with twine a rounded piece of faux greenery into a circle for a wreath and added a copper bell. In the center I placed a pine bough with tiny white lights.  The  copper flatware I was able to purchase from amazon. A simple birch candle and lantern complete the look.



I’m seeing plaids and fur and so much warm fuzzy decor that I want to hibernate for the winter.  Last year I created bottle covers out of old plaid shirts IMG_1878and lined them with dollar store foil car shades.  The inside is now insulated to keep your bottle warm or cold and outside is wrapped in classy plaid.  I stitched some of the edges of the fabric using a blanket stitch for a different look.  My bottles are dressed for every season.

If you’re trying to conceive a woodland look this Christmas look around your house for things of wood, check your backyard for pine boughs or birch wood. Use tall taper candles and wrought iron or copper tones of metal are trending. Plaid and fur additions can cozy up your home, even if you are living in a warm climate ..evoke the feeling of a cozy home and your back at Grandma’s house.

Luke 2:12  “And this will be the sign to you: You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.”